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Best Mobile IV Therapy & Wellness Services in Palm Beach, FL

Mobile IV therapy services that are delivered directly to your home, office, & hotel.  Book your appointment now with our Palm Beach mobile IV nurses.

Quick RecoverY, More Energy, & Feel Better with a Mobile IV in Palm Beach, FL

Our hydration team offers the best IV therapy treatments in Palm Beach, FL.  We are the best mobile IV therapy experience offering essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants to help aid a variety of conditions:


  • Hangover Relief
  • Dehydration
  • Energy Boost
  • Illnesses (Cold, Flu, Food Poisoning)
  • Migraine Recovery
  • Morning Sickness
  • Administered by Registered Nurses
  • Service to Your Home, Office, and Hotel
  • Available for Individuals, Groups, and Events

Our IV Therapy Solutions

Hydration Drip

A mixture of IV fluids with electrolytes formulated to quickly rehydrate and revitalize and refresh.

Immune Boosting Drip

A mixture of IV fluids containing not only electrolytes but also antioxidants and vitamins to help support your body to combat those annoying ailments.

Too Much to Drink Drip

A mixture of electrolytes and vitamins to help support your body’s repletion needs, promote detoxifying from the night before. And we add two medications to help with your symptoms.

Recharge Drip

Just like an electric car your body needs an energy boost. A mixture of Electrolytes and vitamins specific for boosting your energy level and improving your alertness.

Glamour Drip

Increase the sheen of your hair, the glow of your skin, and the health of your nails. This mixture of electrolytes and vitamins but also an added punch of what many hail as the “Glutathione glow’.

Fat Burner Drip

Struggling with the maintenance of weight or weight gain?  A mixture of the ultimate weight loss and fat burning enhancing infusion that targets the liver and helps break down fat cells and controls mood and appetite.

Youth Restoring Drip

To revitalize your body to its youthful exuberance, this focused mixture of youth-restoring vitamins and electrolytes with the added restoring boost of NAD. This has brain restoring benefits at a DNA level and helps slow the aging process of the skin and other vital organs.

GI Drip

To combat the fluid and electrolyte losses from that nasty stomach bug. This infusion restores the vital electrolyte losses but also relieves the symptoms one gets from Montezuma’s revenge or the dreaded stomach flu with added medication to provide relief and aids in shortening the recovery.

Hectic Trip Drip (Jet Lag)

Loss of electrolytes and fluids and the stressors of travel can wreak havoc on one’s body and mind. This restorative combination of an infused cocktail of electrolytes, vitamins, and restorative enzymes along with focused medication can restore you back to your normal vibrant self after a long and stressful trip.

Once A Month Drip

A mixture of IV fluids with vitamins, minerals and an added anti-inflammatory pain reliever for those intolerable cramps and bloating. You can even add a medication to reduce nausea if that is an issue.

The 19th Hole Drip

That time when you come off that taxing and competitive round of golf when you need to get an energy boost, reduce the muscle fatigue and soreness, calm that wired nervous system as well as rehydrate and suppress that upset stomach.

Stress SOS Drip

Stress can be overwhelming. When this happens our specific cocktail will calm the nerves, relax the muscles and transport you to a better mindset.

Post COVID-19 Recovery Drip

Helps your body restore depleted immune system, regenerate damaged, fatigued cardiovascular, and respiratory cells. Helps clean up oxygen radicals remaining from residual viral infectious and inflammatory process.

High Performance Drip

Helps increase blood flow, provides more energy, improves muscle activity and stamina, and helps with clarity and focus for ultimate mental and physical performance.

High Performance Drip+

Helps increase blood flow, provides more energy, improves muscle activity and stamina, and helps with clarity and focus for ultimate mental and physical performance.

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