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Concierge Mobile IV services that provide preventative and holistic Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy using evidenced based-research to boost your body’s needs.

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(954) 303-3766

Who We Are

We are a team of registered nurses, collaborating to meet the needs of the population through preventative and holistic Intravenous (IV)  hydration using evidenced-based research. Our team consists of nurses and a medical director with strong clinical backgrounds in emergency medicine, critical care, telemetry, and procedural care. For your convenience, our mobile concierge IV infusion service will be customized to each person’s specific needs and will arrive to your door within one to two hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Need An IV Vitamin Infusion?

Anyone can receive an IV infusion. IV infusions are beneficial if you are feeling drained, suffer from chronic fatigue, brain fog, or having muscle weakness. IV infusions are also great pre and post workouts.

How Long Does An IV Vitamin Infusion Take?

Typically anywhere between 30-45 minutes 

Where Can I Get My IV?

We come to wherever you are. We will come to your house, office, hotel, etc.  We also offer IV therapies at our studio location in Naples at the J. Lee Suites:  8965 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34108.





How Will I Know Exactly Which IV Vitamin Infusion Is Best For Me?

With the help of our highly trained nurses, we will help guide you in choosing the best cocktail to fit your specific needs.

Do You Offer Group Rates Discounts?

Parties of 3 = 10% off, parties of 5+ = 15% off

How Are The IV Vitamin Infusions Created?

Each cocktail has been formulated by our medical director who has supported his formularies with evidence-based research. He has specifically combined these minerals and vitamins to create the most beneficial result.

How Are The IV’s Administered?

You will first meet with one of our nurses at your home or a specified location he or she will establish a baseline medical history consisting of allergies, history of ailments, and a set of vital signs. After these steps have been completed the RN will collaborate with you and the medical director to discuss suitable IV hydration therapy. The nurse will present you with a menu of cocktails created by our medical director or you can customize your own drip. Most of our intravenous cocktails will be infused within 30 minutes. In order to protect yourself and our organization, we will provide you with a consent form to be signed for services rendered with an explanation of course!

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Concierge Mobile IV services that provide preventative and holistic Intravenous (IV) hydration using evidenced based-research to boost your body’s needs. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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