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The Wellness Lab

Concierge Mobile IV Therapy services that provide preventative and holistic Intravenous (IV) hydration therapy using evidenced based-research to boost your body’s needs.

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We know that life can hit you at anytime and that is why we are committed to making it as easy as possible to feel your best with our mobile IV therapy.

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About The Wellness Lab

At The Wellness Lab, we believe that good health and vitality start from the inside out. So many of us are not absorbing the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals we ingest on a regular basis, resulting in nutritional deficiencies. IV Supplemental Therapy allows for greater bioavailability, providing a highly efficient way for the cells of the body to receive the micronutrients they need.

The Wellness Lab is a premier mobile concierge service for vitamin and supplement IV infusions. Using evidenced-based research, our medical team has created a program focused on preventative and holistic IV hydration. Our mission is to provide safe and effective customized “cocktails” to meet your specific needs. Let The Wellness Lab team help you achieve your healing and wellness goals by creating a unique vitamin infusion for you – conveniently at your location! In most cases, we will arrive at your door in under two hours.

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Whether you are recovering from COVID-19 or a night out on the town, we can get you feeling better in less than 2 hours with mobile IV therapy.

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Our Services

We have a comprehensive list of services that include mobile IV therapy, mobile phlebotomy, women’s health, peptides, post COVID-19 recovery, and T replacement therapies.

IV Drips

IV Infusions provide you with many benefits. Since the vitamins are infused intravenously, they are absorbed by the body 100% compared to a much lesser percentage with oral vitamins. With fast delivery, it offers a quick and easy fix.


Injectable peptide therapy consists of chains of amino acids that signal molecules to stimulate the cells in our bodies to perform specific, targeted functions. We supply different peptide therapies for various treatments.

Mobile Phlebotomy

Our Registered Nurses come to you, in the comfort of your own home to draw your blood work and we will deliver to the lab of your choice. Take the stress out
of waiting for an appointment at the lab and streamline the process.

T Replacement Therapy

The aim of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is to improve symptoms and signs of testosterone deficiency including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, anaemia, loss of muscle and bone mass, by increasing serum testosterone levels to physiologic range.

Women’s Health

We offer vitamin infusions to help ease the discomfort associated with menstrual cycles as well as perimenopause symptoms. We also offer pharmaceutical grade supplements that help support women for a comfortable menopausal transition.

Viral Recovery

Whether you are recovering from COVID or the Flu, we offer a specialized Post COVID Infusion that includes a high dose of Vitamin C along with vitamins and minerals to help you recover from any viral illness and detox radicals that remain from residual viral infectious and inflammatory process.

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At The Wellness Lab, we take your health seriously. We strive to exceed expectations and get you feeling your best.

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Experienced Providers

Our skilled providers have years of experience with mobile IV therapy.


Short Wait Times

Same-day service in as little as 2 hours. 


Convenient Locations

We service the SWFL, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach areas.

Mobile IV Therapy Designed For You

Mobile IV therapy can save you lots of time while getting you back on your feet after COVID-19 or after a long night out.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile IV therapy?

Mobile IV Therapy is a service where trained nurses come to your location and replace the nutrients your body so desperately needs intravaneously (through your veins). 

Why Would I Need An IV Vitamin Infusion?

Anyone can receive an IV infusion. IV infusions are beneficial if you are feeling drained, suffer from chronic fatigue, brain fog, or having muscle weakness. IV infusions are also great pre and post workouts.

How Long Does An IV Vitamin Infusion Take?

Typically anywhere between 30-45 minutes.

Where Can I Get My IV?

We come to wherever you are. We will come to your house, office, hotel, etc.  We also offer IV therapies at our studio location in Naples at the J. Lee Suites:  8965 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34108.





How Will I Know Exactly Which IV Vitamin Infusion Is Best For Me?

With the help of our highly trained nurses, we will help guide you in choosing the best cocktail to fit your specific needs.

Do You Offer Group Rates Discounts?

Parties of 3 = 10% off, parties of 5+ = 15% off

How Are The IV Vitamin Infusions Created?

Each cocktail has been formulated by our medical director who has supported his formularies with evidence-based research. He has specifically combined these minerals and vitamins to create the most beneficial result.

How Are The IV’s Administered?

You will first meet with one of our nurses at your home or a specified location he or she will establish a baseline medical history consisting of allergies, history of ailments, and a set of vital signs. After these steps have been completed the RN will collaborate with you and the medical director to discuss suitable IV hydration therapy. The nurse will present you with a menu of cocktails created by our medical director or you can customize your own drip. Most of our intravenous cocktails will be infused within 30 minutes. In order to protect yourself and our organization, we will provide you with a consent form to be signed for services rendered with an explanation of course!

Start Feeling Better In As Little As 2 Hours

We know that it’s not easy to plan your day around your health so we make it as easy as possible for you to get back in the game with mobile IV therapy.