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Mother of all antioxidants, increases the performance of other antioxidant, removes excess free radicals in the body that cause harmful reactions. Converts glucose to energy and improves in post stroke symptoms and neuropathy. Brain health improving brain and nerve tissues.


Antacid for indigestion.

Antiemetic for nausea/ vomiting.


Treat upper respiratory infections, strengthens immune system, stimulates collagen production, helps fight chronic disease, prevent, and treat cancer.


Plays a pivotal role in cell functioning, energy metabolism, and proper immune function.


Fights off free radicals that can damage DNA, helps with vision and reduces migraines.

Helps maintain nerve health, makes hemoglobin, regulates glucose and helps create antibodies.

Helps with healthy cell growth and functioning , required for the formulation of red blood cells, anemia.

Cognitive function, boosts metabolism, improved sleep, immune boost.

Good for skin, hair and nails.

An electrolyte that helps in the electrical conduction of skeletal and cardiac muscle.


Powerful antioxidant, energy production, prevent heart disease, reduces cholesterol, reduce muscle pain, treat infertility, prevent migraines.

Helps reduce inflammation from injury.

Modulates the excessive inflammatory process, gut health, reduces good cravings.

Helps battle against free radicals preserving the cell from damage.

Alternative cancer treatment based on hypothesis that formation of new collagen resists malignant infiltration, cytotoxic effects on cancer cells lines.


Improves exercise and muscle performance, brain function, cardiac health, energy production.


Combo of B12 and amino acid to help speed up metabolism, coverts fat to energy.

Amino acid extracted from food, serves as a building block for proteins, helps produce carnitine that is essential for conversion of fatty acids to energy and reducing cholesterol. Helps in the formation of collagen and reduces occurrence of cold sores and genital herpes according to studies. Antiviral effects reducing the replication process.


Reduces inflammation, helps with relaxation and energy production.


Converts into cysteine then glutathione. Helps in reduce pulmonary disease and flu, reduces symptoms associated with dry mouth and dry eyes.


Increased levels help to slow or reverse the aging process, slows the progression of age-related disease, helps turn nutrients into energy, helps boost athletic performance.

NSAID anti inflammatory for pain.

Promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver.

Used to treat symptoms from the Flu.  It helps make the symptoms (such as stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever/chills, aches, tiredness) less severe and shortens the recovery time by 1-2 days.

Helps maintain strong muscle and endurance.


Antioxidant helps to boost immune function, helps to promote collagen synthesis.

Benefits include possible prevention of osteoporosis, boosts mood and helps to decrease depression, immune regulation.

Helps maintaining healthy level of testosterone and hair growth, immune health, wound healing.


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